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This is an almost generic binary compilation of the full development suite. It will run on slackware 10-10.2(tested) but probably on any linux that has the proper libraries. Give it a try and if doesn't work compile your own. It doesn't need root access unles you can't access the device port for programming. See SF-FileRelease notes for details.

AT-Mega128 Development Board

This board is devloped completely using GEDA-PCB, not schematic capture were used to create the current release since netlist was created in vim. It uses 2 sided PCB and it's enough to run Contiky or NUTOS over it without the ethernet capabilities. Probably the licensing for it will be CC(see footer) since GPL is not really aplicable here.

Magic Term

This is the first real release of the YAUCP project. This serial port terminal(basically a miniterm,based on pyserial) will enable you to do:

The s///igI rules can even be interactive but I can't recommend it here :P.

Soon these tools will be moved to the Bandicoot Project, those will be kept in the CVS for historical reasons.

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